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Background Heroes makes our lifes more funny

Background hero or second plan hero are ususlly more funny than the main character, they are observing and waiting for their 10 seconds of entertaining. On this site you will find some clips with the background heroes ever published on net. Remember, the main characters of every video story usually deserve all the glory they get, but the true heroes never get enough attention, they are always hiding in the background.

Working and drinking in Russia

It is a piece of documentary film about drinking alcohol during job in Russia. This backround hero is my favorite. He had drunk some bottles of vodka, at least. But his speaking friend comparing to him seems to be sober.

Funny drugged idiot on a concert

It is a scene from Polish concert. Look at this moron on the second plan. This backround gay had eaten at least two pounds of extasy. Honestly I don’t think he understand what generally is going on around him… Luckily the TV presenter hit him straight in a face and this junkie lied down on this job:) What an idiot…

Background Hero photo compilation

Now it’s time for background hero compilation on pictures. I love picture compilations, I hope you like it too:) I every compilation is something fantastic – that you have all the best in one clip. All you need to do is just sit and relax…amazed? So watch this clip of pics first!